Studying single subject is better or various subjects in university.

Knowledge is the power to be successful and accomplish great achievements in our individual life. Some people believe that knowledge in a particular specialized subject matter is significant. However, others think knowledge gain from various subject matter plays a vital role in our daily life. Personally, I believe that knowledge from one particular subject is precious. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, it helps to make a person specialist and expert in a particular subject. Also, when people study a particular subject at that time they never feel frustrated and bored, which makes them curious about their field. When a man reads each and every detail of the particular subject they enter the depth of the subject matter and they finally can know almost knowledge. I have a compelling example from my real-life experience. When I was in higher secondary school at that point I felt frustrated because I had to read various subject to pass that academic level and my academic grade was quite low. However, when I entered university level then I need to focus on one subject that is Physic. In which I have great passion and lots of curiosity, so I read it completely up to the depth,and finally, I was able to become a gold medalist of university. Now I am one of the prominent scientists in my country because I studied a particular subject in my university studies. Secondly, it provides lots of confidence if they study only one subject at their university level. when a person read only one subject at that time they have much time to study that subject. If a person involves thousands of hours to get knowledge from the particular subject at that time certainly they can acquire it. When he grabs huge knowledge at that time obviously he became confident in his subject matter. Furthermore, an expert with a confident person has less chance of making mistake, which is beneficial to all. As I mentioned in last paragraph, When I finished my Ph.D. in physics, I read lots of books about physics and I practice thousands of hours to solve physics puzzles, so I am confident and I almost do not make any errors while doing my work. In conclusion, Studying a single subject is beneficial to everyone because it helps to make a person expert in the related field, and also it enhances the confidence of people.
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