When you travel foreign county ant that time which place would you prefer to visit - tourist attraction place or silent place

Nowadays, travelling has became culture for many people. Travelling is good for not only physical benefits but also mental health. Some people want to visit popular tourist landmarks while they are visiting abroad. However, others prefer to visit silent places. Personally, I believe that it's more significant to visit tourist landmarks during the visit of exotic countries. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, If we visit toursit landmarks during the visit of foreign countries, It helps to enhance our knowledge. When we visit tourist attraction at that time we can understand it's historical background. Additionally, we can meet many people from different places from which we can observe their clothing styles and language. Through which we could get many facts about people from various parts of the world. I have a compelling example from my real experience. Last year, when I visited Taj Mahal in india at that time I got lots of knowledge about its spectacular shape and design along with I met lots of people from different parts of world, and I get opportunity to know that many parts of the world, which has different languane and clothing style than my country. Secondly, It's the best opportunity to make new friends from various parts of the world. If we visit the popular places at that time we have higher chances of meeting people from many places and we can talk to them. Sometime, we can make long lasting friend in our life. In already mentions examples, During the visit of the Taj Mahal, I met three friends they are from different countries. One of them is from the USA and another one from Japan and third one from China. After visiting Taj Mahal we drunk a cup of cofffee and we exchanged our mobile number and Facebook ID. After that, still we are great friend, we make some times video call and exchange our opinion and our culture with each other. If I had visited quiet place, I would not make such great friends from different countries. In conclusion, when we visit foreign country at that time visiting tourist fascinating places are most important because we can acquire more knowledge and we can make new friends from various parts of the places.
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