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The reading and the lecture are both about another residential place for human that is marred. Whereas the author of the reading states that there is lots of possibilities to live on the mars. The lecturer casts doubt on the main points made in the reading by providing three reasons. First of all, the author believes that mars might have contain liquid water. Additionally, he claims that liquid water is the most important for human, and mars contains ice caps on it's two polar and the radar sends different signals of different colors. However, the lecturer refutes this claim. He mentions that there is no possibility of liquid water on the surface of water. Futheremore, he points out that researchers just compare martian surface with earth surface, which is not fair and the temperatue of the marsh surface is too low, also the waves sent by the radar is imprecise. Secondly, the writter suggests that mars may have atmosphere in which living organism might live. Also, he argues that the martian surface is like Antarctica so, there is possibility to live human beings. Nevertheless, the lecturer refutes this argument. He elaborates on this by the martian atmosphere is overly thin and it might be possible for microbes but could not for human. In addition, he brings the point that the temperature of the mars is too much dertimental for human being because its temperature almost less than minus five degree centigrade. Finally, the author feels that the NASA's Mars exploration program found that the traces of methan gas. Moreover, he posits that the methane indicate that life uis possible on the surface of mars. On the other hand,the speaker asserts that there is not any accurate fact that mars contains methane. He notes that European researcher searched methane but they could not found sufficient amount of methane. In conclusion, both the writer and lecturer hold conflicting views about alternative living place for human is mars It's crystal clear that they will have problem finding common ground on this issue.
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