Some students prefer classes with frequent discussions between the professor and the students with almost no lectures. Other students prefer classes with many lectures and almost no discussions. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The reading and the lecture are both about the problem caused by the glass architecture to the birds.Whereas the author of the reading states there are three solutions for that problem. The lecturer casts doubts on the main points made in the reading by providing three reasons. First of all, in the reading the author believes one-way glass structure helps mitigate bird's trouble.Additionally, he says the insider can see outside but birds could not see inside and they may feel it is a solid substance.However, the lecturer disputes this claim.He mentions that When making buildings like one-way glass instead of regular glass at that time that looks like a mirror.Furthermore, he points out that it does reflection but birds do not get the concept of the reflection. So, they see blue sky and trees in the mirror. Secondly, the author suggests bird's injuries can be reduced by using colorful stripes on the building. Also, he presents the idea that people can see through small openings but birds see it as a solid surface and try to avoid flying from the stripes mirror.Nevertheless, the lecturer refutes this argument.He argues that birds can see these stripes on the glasses like small holes.In addition, he brings the point by making lines on the glasses the light could not pass properly and building became dark. Finally, the writer feels the problem can be solved by using strong electromagnet inside the building which produces strong magnetic field and birds can easily detect it and avoid that direction. Moreover,he posits that by detecting powerful magnetic fields the birds might go away from the building.On the other hand, the speaker believes that birds can use the characteristics of detecting magnetic fields when they travel long distances.He asserts that birds can not use this during short journeys, and they just use their eyes and normal sense. In conclusion, both the writer and speaker hold conflicting views about the solution to the bird's problem caused by the glass structure.It's crystal clear that they will have problem finding common ground on this issue.
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