Reading book for children is important to gain knowledge about the world. However, some parents forced their children non-fictional books as they believe fiction is not good for children.

It is crucial to read book in order to gain knowledge for everyone. Some people believe that it is important to read non-fictional book to acquire knowledge, however, others believe that fictional books are better. Personally, I believe that fictional books are superior to read and gain knowledge in the use of children. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, fictional books are more interesting than those non-fictional books. When a child reads fictional book, he thinks in various ways about how what happened, and it helps to create curiosity in him. Fictional books contain imaginary stories, which makes us entertain when we feel bore, I have a compelling example from my own real life. when I was in elementary school at that time my parents had book shop. When I went to the book shop I read 3/4 hours continuously because that never made me feel bored, however, when I read other non-fictional books I could not focus at least one hour because they contain mundane things. Furthermore, fictional books contain lots of illusionary stories and machines as well as technology that makes us more interesting. This example illustrates that those fictional books increases reading habit and make it more interesting. Secondly, fictional books lead us to innovation. We know that the fictional story is connected to the imaginary things that do not happen in our daily life, and that makes us think deeply. Those imaginary things might leads children to innovation. For example, the invention of the plane had done by imagining that human might fly like a bird. If children read the fictional book at that time they get lots of knowledge and they inspire by the illusionary story, which increases the curiosity of children. When they become younger at that time they might try how could possible those imaginary things in our daily life, and they innovate some new technology. So, non-fictional books are best to read by children. To sum up, the fictional book creates the interests of the children to read book and it also helps to enhance the curiosity of the children that leads students towards the innovation of the new things, that's why fictional books are best to read for children.
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