It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

We know, the greatest achievements we could get through solidarity and companionship. If we do something that are too much strenous and complex that might take significantly take longer period of time, however if we do it with team at that time we can accomplish it in an easy way. Personally, I believe the team sprit gave us lots of strength and simulate to acquire success. I feel this for two main reasons, which I will elaborate in the following paragraphs. First of all, team work hold lots of resources, which is the key to accomplish what we desire. Group contains diverse human resourses and individual's are expertise in many fileld, and if we partition that work in a minute parts at that time each and every member can complete their work perfectly by using their academic knowledge along with personal experience. For example, in a construction of a bridge, there are various resources like some are engineers, some are contractor, some geologists, some labours etc, from their combine effort they can accomplish construction process with in certain period of time. Even if only one person do that work, he could not complete construction on his whole life. When various sources blended in a group at that time they cand do it preciousely with minimizing upcoming adverse consequences. This example illustrates how team work is pivotal to get success in a particular project. Secondly, It helps to increase the efficiency of the individuals and enhance leadership qualities. If we work as a team member at that time we get chances of learning from other. So by getting knowledge from other we can pace our efficiency in to the pinnacle of the success. When we involve in a project as a part from which we can enhance our social skills through which every individual's get the chances of learn the leadership quality. Leardership is essential characte of humanity in these days, which make us more versatile in this competitive world and improves our communication skills in many sector of our daily life. By getting up in leadership qualities and communication skills we can get lots of accomplishment in our daily life. That's why team sprit plays a vital role to rid of the problems of our life and achive great dream. In conclusin, Team work is the mailstone to get success in every sector because it raises our efficiency and accuracy of performances and helps to improve basic skills of our daily life.
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