Integrated tasks (reading, listening and speaking)

Nowadays, all people believed that developing technology has dominated their lives, and also they argued that it helps them to have a great relationship with the friends of families even if they were so far from each other. I think that making a relationship with others by talking with the smartphone has more benefits than sending the message by text. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. The first vital point to bear in mind is this talking with the cell phone helps to transfer the feeling more and more easily, which helps people do not be confused. To more specific this point, sending a message by text sometimes causes misunderstanding to others because in the text we cannot understand the feeling of the person, who sent the message. For example, if he or she wants to send a message which is about something unpleasant we cannot realize her or his feels. Another worth-while reason to be mentioned is this making communication by talking has to benefit from transferring more information. To more clarify this concern, sending a message by talking help people to transfer more information a few times compared with writing many messages to send the same amount of information. Moreover, sometimes we send a message to others but, we are not sure it has been read by them or not until they did not answer. But, when we make communicate with others, they have received our massage at the same time, and we can receive our responses. To sum up, I strongly believe that making communication by talking with others regarding sending the text is more and more effective. Because talking is easy to find and understand others' feels, and it is because the text has limited to send more information but talking does not.
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