Do you agree or disagree with following statement?

Human beings have always faced many challenges in obtaining an excellent social position, more money, and political power; each (What?) has its strategy. Some People believe that most famous businesspeople are motivated only by the desire for more and more money. Others stand on the other side of the continuum, arguing that the business people, especially the famous ones, have more desires than only money. I stand with the second opinion, and the reasons to substantiate my viewpoint are elaborated upon hereunder. In developed countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Germany, small businesses, large companies, and entrepreneurs are the nation’s backbones. Owners are highly talented persons with vast visions for their communities and businesses—Elon Musk as an example. Elon’s outstanding companies, SpaceX and Tesla, created many jobs for people worldwide, shifted human beings’ lives to a new lifestyle, and at the same time have made a lot of money for him too. SpaceX the latest technology, Starlink, a new type of the internet. (Unclear meaning) This new version of the internet with outstanding speed can enable humans to achieve great desires like landing on Mars or other planets. (You have not shown why you think such people’s only desire is NOT money. You have only stated that businesspeople benefit people in numerous ways.) Moreover, earning more money and obtaining great social prestige can create great personal satisfaction. It will be so beneficial to society because it leads to establishing humanitarian efforts like vaccinating, preparing the pure water, building roads and shelter, and improving the educational system in remote areas without any access to new technologies. One prominent example can help us to drive these statements home: Consider Bill Gates, the god of Microsoft, and digital technology. Bill and Melinda Gates, his wife, have founded many projects like Ebola’s vaccine in Africa, climate change projects, and many humanitarian efforts. Those projects enable many poor people to access life’s primary requirements because they believe all humans have equal values. These unique projects have helped many lives be saved worldwide. They also increase the life expectancy in developing countries, especially in nations without any natural resources, with limited high technologies, and countries with the lowest annual income. In conclusion, having the reasons mentioned above, and based on the examples into account, I believe that most businesspeople, especially famous persons, have outstanding programs for human beings. They can Not only change our current lives, but they can also make a significant change in human beings’ future lives. In other words, these are people who have created their businesses and put their ingenuity behind incredible ideas to do great humanitarian projects.
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