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The article and the lecture both are about Dinosaurs extinction. The author of the reading feels that there are three theories about the reason of the extinction of the dinosaurs, which supports by the rading. The professor challenges the claims made by the reading. He is of the opinion that that reasons, which the reading has mentioned are unclear. Fristly, the reading argues that finding the lridium on earth has shown that the asteroid is collied on the earth and ti was a reason for extintion of the Dinosaurs. This specific argument is rejected by the professor and he says that finding lridium on earth maybe is for other sources of this element shcu as Magma from earthquek or Volcano. Additionally, he believes that earth is full of the lridium, which is not came from other planet. Secondly, in the reading, it is said that the ice age causes the dinosaurs been extincted. In contrast, the lecturer opposes that there is some dates, which shows earth was hot at that time when the Dinosaurs were lived on earth. Also, the professor gives proof that the evidence has shown that the amount of the CO2 was low at the atmospher at that time. However, he believes that sea level was high because of the melting the snow. Finally, the reading claims that the birad was evoluated from the Dinosaurs and it was a reason for Dinosaurs extinction. However, the professor rfutes that the moving of the modern birds show that they are not evoluated from the Dinosaurs and also they can change ther dirction with changing the wind. Moreover the birds can fly while the dinosaures could not fly.
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