Students should try several part-time jobs before they take a long term career.

It goes without saying that human beings’ lives have always faced different challenges due to shifted to a new era in this sophisticated and progressive world. Job and income as a fundamental aspects of today’s lives will guarantee other success, especially to the youngest. Some people believe that young students should try several different jobs side with their college and school before they take a permanent job; working in different places will have different advantages to the young people due to living in a competitive world. Others stand on the other side of the continuum, arguing that it is critical to the young community to find a permanent job than having a seasonal job due to long term job’s high security. I stand with the first idea, and the reasons to substantiate my viewpoint are elaborated hereunder. Young people in all countries, developed and developing, are nations’ backbones. Side the educational programs, school and colleges, the young people must try to have a part-time jobs before they be graduate from school or college. Although the parents are responsible for children life’s expenses, daily’s and school’s expenses, but some families cannot support their children as well as other parents due to having a financial hardships; therefore, having a part-time jobs enable the students to achieve two major goals, continuing their education, and standing on their pocket. Personal example can clarify all mentioned statements. In 2000 I was in my third years of Bachelor in Kurdistan University, Sanandaj, Iran. Getting a part-time job in a Consulting Engineer Company taught me many things. I had financial hardship due to my family’s situation. Having a par-time job not only enabled me to continue school’s course but also brought to me outstanding experience related to my background. Moreover, human beings are live in modernized world, the technological era with high competitive atmosphere that a person will be success if they be full of the knowledge and experience; young people are no exception. Having an academic certification or degree from world’s top-ranked universities is an essential but not enough to get a permanent job, especially in outstanding companies. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon always has job positions with high salaries, but they will hire the person that has great experience in their field than a school or college he or she graduated due to company’s jobs different challenges. As a results, if a person is equipped with the experience and knowledge, undeniable, doors of opportunity will be open next by next. In conclusion, due to the mentioned reasons, and based on the above examples we have, I believe the young students with part-time jobs can kill two birds with one stone; standing on their pocket and getting a great self-confidence, also, great experiences that have gathered form different position will enable them to obtain a great job position in outstanding companies, the job that will insure their future’s successes.
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