Do you agree or disagree with the following statemen? People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment - doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do.

Different people have their choice of life whether they spend most of their time on doing whatever they like to do rather than they must need to do, it all depends upon the nature and perspective of the individual. Personally, I agree with the given statement that most people are focusing on their personal happiness rather than things mandatory for them to do. I feel this way mainly for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, people in this era are too busy to do work so they definitely seek where they get lots of enjoyment without taking care of their own health. They are just center on amusement, and they often visit the restaurant for drinking alcohol, smoking, involvement in gambling,and going to different kinds of dance bar instant of taking care of their body, eating fresh food,and taking rest at home. Consequently, these kinds of adventures lead their soul more vulnerable rather than keeping activities happy, enjoyable,and healthy. My personal experience has a compelling example of this. When I was working in a certain office, at that moment my colleague spent most of the day visiting a restaurant, bar, drank beer and smoking rather than taking rest, concerning health and eating good fruits, then over a time he was suffering from a terrible disease. This example demonstrates that always seeking personal enjoyment would not beneficial to a person's life. Secondly, people always try to keep their pace of life in an independent way and want to survive life as their wish and choice. This is the innate attitude of human beings. But sometimes such kind of characteristic of their lead to family relationship despair. For instance, when I was a university student, I had one friend who was liked to spend most of his time with friends, went to different places to visit,and often stayed out of the home instead of giving focusing on the study and making a career and giving the primary value to the family. As a result, due to his mere concern for personal enjoyment,his family abandoned him and he did not succeed in his career. In my conclusion, I am of the opinion that nowadays people are ofter spend too much hour focusing on their personal mirthful events rather that they need to do. This is because businesses of too much working on life term and due to they have lots of independent choices but all this amusement does not lead always better fortune but sometimes detrimental life.
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