Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure, successful future. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When a person takes a breath in his world, he/she needs to choose his/her career in order to survive their life. Personally, I agree with the given statement that it was easy to choose a career in the past which lead us to a safe and fruitful future. I feel this way mainly for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, in the past,there were no more competitions among the people so there was no chance to lost their job and were able to make life more secure . But in the current situation, there are more and more fights for the same profession thus if we do some silly mistakes we have a high chance to lose our career. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Once upon a time,I had my uncle, who was not so talented person but he had been teaching since his pension moment even he did lots of mistakes during his teaching process.On the other hand, I have my friend who was a good academic and has working experience in his related field but in the selection process of a good company,he did not select because there were lots of people who came to fight for the same post. As a result,I get the idea that in such a present condition it is hard to find a job rather than in the past. Secondly, in an ancient stage,there were no more advanced technological achievements so all the deeds were done by human beings. But today due to sophisticated technology all most of the work is doing by machine. As result, in the past,people distinguish their race as their wish and will more durable. In fact,today is not like that because here is excellent machines are available and technology, so people need to hard work to identify which profession to choose and which is not for their growth. For instance, in the past,if people wanted to do something they did that on the basis of their wisdom and knowledge,however, in the present age people need specific training and institutional learning for those deeds even which do not lead to a more secure future. In my conclusion, I am of the opinion that it is really easy to choose a course in the past rather than in the present time and which lead to more preserve life. This is because in the past,there was no more competition among the people and no more advanced technological development choosing job was easier and the future was more secure.
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