Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage

Both the reading and the lecture discuss collecting fossils privately. The former argues that collecting fossils privately has some negative effect on the scientific community and public and provides three reasons while the latter contradicts each of these points. First of all, the reading asserts that private collectors gathered fossils and for that public are restricted to see those in museums and they are losing their interest in that. However, the speaker contends that collecting fossils privately has shown a greater exposure of commercial to the public for purchasing fossils. She continued that nowadays low-level institutions like public schools, public libraries can buy those fossils and that will help to increase the interest of the public in those things. Secondly, the article posits that the declination of scientific communities to access those fossils as they are stored privately. In contrast, the lecturer said that before going to the hand of personal collectors those fossils need to be examined by scientists. So, no necessary information is not hidden from the scientific communities. By performing experiments, scientists can store the knowledge of those fossils as they are passed to the hand of the scientists before going to the private collector's hand. Finally, the author of the text wraps his statements by saying sometimes important information has been destroyed by some collectors. Nevertheless, the professor refutes this by saying many fossils go undiscovered. More fossils being found.
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