Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their families for a longer time. Which of these situations do you think is better. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Some adults think that living without families is good as they grew up because it gives them to have their own space. However, I do not agree with this and think that young adults should stay with their parents after they grow up because of this following three reasons. First of all, we have a duty towards our parents. We can't live with them alone when we grew up and they became old. Parents sacrifice everything in order to give us a better life. So when we grow up and they seem senile to us we should give them proper feedback because it is our duty. For example, our parents do their best to provide us a better life, better food , and clothes, better educations, etc. But when we became able to earn money or food we should not live the house or live them behind. There are some emotional factors that will always bind us with our parents. As they become old they need our help. Senile people face many health-related issues so, at that point, we have to give feedback. We have to take care of our parents as they take care of ourselves when we were a child. If we live individually then at the time of some crucial moment or danger there will be no one to look after our parents. For instance, if we live 400 KM far away from our parents and if they live alone at the time of some medical crisis there is no one to help them. So they might be in danger. So we have to live with our parents for a longer period. Secondly, parents are the best guide to everyone's life. They are the most experienced people. They know how to tackle the real world as they are veterans on doing this. So they can still give us a proper guideline when we face any issue in solving the physical world problems. For a pattern, I remember the moment when I lived with my parents I faced a problem related to my job. One of my clients was very rude to me and always behave like a cruel person. I share this with my dad because he spent his 40 years handling clients and with his own experience he gave some ideas on how to manage the worst situations and how to properly deal with the clients. As he was a veteran person his idea really works for me. The fact is it doesn't matter if we become independent sometimes we still need supports or helps from our families. Finally, living with families gives me the opportunities to focus more on work and have some relaxation moment after office as some household works are forbidden to us like cooking, making the cuisine ready, cleaning the house and even the garden. For example, when I come from the office I become so tired that I don't have the energy to cook meals or doing the household chores. At that point, I realize that living with families is really a blessing and gives me the opportunity to have some relaxing second after a hectic day in the office. It is only possible because living with families and for this relaxing period an individual can focus more on his work and can build a good carrier. In conclusion, because of this above reasons, I think that living with families is more beneficial then living alone.
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