Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some people believe that in order to acquire information go through paper materials is suitable as it gives them opportunities to acquire wisdom at less price comparing to viewing news on devices. However, I do not agree with that and think that using modern devices is more suitable than using reading paper materials to gain wisdom because of this three reasons. First of all, e-medias are super fast comparing to newspapers or other reading materials. For case, if a change is happened to occur in a country we can have the philosophy of that instantly because the change or the news will be available on devices like TV, internet, in a moment but, it takes at least one day for a magazine to publish the change or the news. All journal prints their news in the night and in the very fast morning they release their press and then people can read the news. So by using modern devices we get the news more quickly than the reading materials. Another example is, say a university authority takes a decision to enlarge their campus area. This news will spread via electronic devices more quickly and instantly it might be possible that the next day when the news published in a daily, people won't read it as it became old news. E-media works and spreads faster compared to newspaper materials and people get all kinds of information in that and it is easy for people to learn some new facts when they listen to the news rather then reading. Secondly, carrying devices is easy comparing to carrying reading paper materials. For example, on a train journey, it is super easy for people carrying devices than some newspaper as those devices can easily fit in our pockets but not the newspapers. Moreover, it is also possible for people to store as much as news or information in a device and can learn certain facts from those but, storing so many magazine based materials is really heavy and also need a huge amount of storage. Devices give us the opportunities to store as much as info possible. Finally, using e-devices to acquire knowledge is more beneficial as we can go find all news easily with the help of the internet but in reading materials, it's difficult and time-consuming to gather the previous news. For pattern, we can easily find the old news in e-devices and can compare them from current facts easily in order to learn certain things but doing such things using text materials is almost impossible as no one store the old news in a paper-based form. In conclusion, because of the above state reasons, I believe that electronic device is more convenient and easy for learning facts comparing to reading based materials.
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