Some people say that the internet provides us a lots of valuable information. Other thinks access to so much information creates problems

Some individuals think that availability and having the opportunities to entering the huge knowledge that provides by the internet creates many difficulties because it can reduce our activity in working and lack of emotions in storing the advice in our mind. However, in my view, I do not agree with it and I think that we gain a vast amount of important news from the web and that news helps us to solve our problems rather than making our life complex. First of all, the internet is considered the storehouse of knowledge, and all kinds of instruction can be available here. All necessary things can be found here and it's a task like a portal from that we can collect what we want to solve our difficulties. For example, a student can download or read his books by using an online network. So he doesn't need to carry his books if he is traveling. Without carrying his books and making his bags heavy he can simply download or read his books from anywhere in the world by using it. So, using the web actually makes our life more simple and easier not complex. Using it nowadays we can perform our tasks easier and it saves a lot of our time and energy. Say we have to cook foods but no cooking materials are available at that moment, but using it we can solve the problems easily. Some specific applications are made in a way that we can order foods from here any time and it takes less point then cooking foods. Nowadays online network really saves time and energy. Secondly, it helps us to find a place and can task as a map. It can navigate us and can give us the proper direction and routes. For instance, nowadays all smartphones have specific features called " Map" by using the feature we can track our navigation or if we lost anywhere we can find the nearest local center. Sometimes people get lost in unknown places and can't find the way out but using it we can figure the solution to it. In our everyday tasks, we are benefited from amazing technology. Finally, citizens can do their business and office work by using it. All kinds of valuable news related to the business and job can be upload by using the technology so it is now possible for people to do their tasks from the home. For a pattern, in this pandemic situation (covid-19) where all office, school, colleges, industries are closed due to maintaining the social distance but their working condition is still on via using it. People can maintain their task from the home, students can present their classes from the home. So it has provided us much instruction and made our life easier. In conclusion, because of the stated reasons, I believed that not only it has provided us the necessary info and news but it helps us in many ways to solve our difficulties.
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