Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage

Both the reading and the lecture discuss the interest of present days people in novels. The former argues that nowadays people don't have an attraction to literature and provided three reasons for that but, the latter contradicts each of the three points. First of all, the article posits that an essay gives us intellectual enthusiasms and if we read fewer story we will lack behind of its important benefits. However, the speaker contends that drama does not have anything to do with intellectuality. Other articles like science, history, politics, etc. can also give us the proper knowledge of the world. The novel does not mean that it always has to be a good book. secondly, the text asserts that shifting time in other works instead of reading essays lowers the level of cultures. In contrast, the professor says that culture is not declining. culture has changed other than the novels, poems. This change happens in a positive way that not declining the cultures. Finally, the author of the passage wraps his statement by saying, today's readers are not good to understand the literature nevertheless, the lecturer refutes this by saying, it's not always the reader's fault and sometimes authors are also responsible for this. Sometimes some writing of some authors is so difficult to understand by modern-day readers. So, the authors should be blamed for the lack of creativeness rather than blaming the audience.
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