Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Living today is more comfortable and easier than when your grandparents were children.

Some people believe that children in the past lived a more relaxing life comparing to the kids nowadays as there was no influence of technologies. However, in my opinion, I do not agree with the idea and think that toddlers now enjoying their life more conveniently than the people from the past due to the following three reasons. First of all, technologies have made our present world so soothing that now we can perform our every task by using technologies. Some of the devices are made to entertain the youngsters. For example, devices like different kinds of video-games, computers,etc. can give the proper entertaining purpose to a kid. They enjoy those types of features very much and they can communicate with their friends through those games who are a thousand miles away from them. Youngsters can make new friends by playing online games. They won't feel bored if they travel to a new place for living because they can easily contact their old buddies and can make new friends here by using devices. Telecommunication has developed now in a way that we can talk anytime with our good wishers in a cheap way. For instance, now it is possible for a school goer to talk with his squads for several hours using the internet,and it's out of cost. In the past that was missing so they weren't in relaxing positions. Secondly, nowadays a boy or a girl can appointment many places because their school makes some traveling opportunities for them but in the past,a kid was forbidden to visit other counties without his parents. For a pattern, now some school programs are arranged internationally and a youngster who participates those types of programs can easily travel the places but in the past, those types of availability were not present. Children who visit several places and countries definitely become happy and enjoy their activity. Kids can self-developed their soul with many activities like doing some meditations course or eternal whisper of art courses and those types of activities are available on the internet. Children of all ages can easily make themselves by involving those types of activities. Finally, medical science nowadays improved in a way that children don't feel unsafe. In the past some severe diseases like Cholera, Bronchitis were so severe and deadly. The fatality rate of infants was high for those diseases but now all kinds of medicines and vaccines are available for infants and kids and the fatality rate is reducing day by day. So children are now living more comfortably comparing to the past. For example, the death rate of children is now abetting in many countries comparing to the past. Kids nowadays survive more contrasting to the '90s or '80s. They are now living a better healthy and relaxing activity comparing to their grandparents when they were kids. In conclusion, because of the above-stated reasons, I believe that kids are now living more happily comparing to the children from the past. This includes great activities of youngsters in every aspect of the physical world as they are enjoying their present and can fun more contrasting to their grandparents when they were at their age.
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