Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage

The article introduces the topic of driverless cars. More specifically, the writer discusses the advantages of using autonomous cars. The lecturer in the listening passage disagrees. He believes that this innovation has its own disadvantages and attacks each of the claims made in the reading. In the reading, the author begins by stating that self-driving vehicles can decrease the amount of traffic accidents that are made by human error. The lecturer, however, disagrees. He states that their software is also created by people. He goes on to say that it will not avoid any human errors in the program and auto crashes on the road . The author also claims that using new inventions can reduce environment’s pollution. Again, the lecturer believes there are flaws in the writer’s argument. The speaker holds that even if it can help to decrease the pollution, more people begin to drive and to have a car. Specifically, most people prefer simple cars and these amount of people increased. Another reason why the author feels that driverless cars have advantages is that they help to save time on the road. For example, the average time in the car is about thirty minutes and the driver can listen to music or read a book. The professor in the listening passage is doubtful that this is accurate. He suggests that driving is a type of relaxing. After a hard day of work, driving can help to release yourself and relax. To sum up, both the writer and professor hold conflicting views about self-driving vehicles. It is clear that they will have trouble finding common ground on this issue.
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