Playing computer game is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them

Some people believe that playing computer games is good for children and it's a perfect example of spending their leisure because it can refresh them and they can learn certain things from it. However, in my opinion, I do not agree with it and I think that youngsters should be restricted to playing video-games on the device as it's not the proper use of the clock. First of all, by spending hours on games a toddler can not learn anything comparing to the physical world. Games are developed with some unreal characters which are absent on earth. The unrealistic features will not help a kid to learn anything related to the real world. For example, a kid who enjoys games like racing in the air with a car definitely won't learn new things from games. The unrealistic games providing some illogical features that lead to an unused of some good hour by playing it. Secondly, children can't apply if they might learn from games. For instance, a youngster who is actually good at playing football on the computer is unable to show some moves or skills in the field. There are no practical uses for things that we learn in games. considering the previous example say someone who is very good at dribbling in some device football game not necessary that he is good on the ground. As he spends lots of time playing with unreal characters he doesn't have any idea how to do that on the ground. Finally, Kids need to build good communication with their friends and classmates but, by playing games on devices they spend their time and it can create an adverse effect on building up good communication with others. For a pattern, we can say that a toddler who uses several hours to play games in his room may not have friends outside his rooms as he is always busy with his games. Sometimes games also involved some violations and other crimes like killing or being an assassination which will surely create a negative impact on a kid. In conclusion, because of the above-stated reasons, I believe that a youngster should be restricted to play games as there is no practical use for it in the real world and it causes lots of our valuable time to play computer games.
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