Some people think that increasing business and cultural contacts is a positive trend, others think that it leads to a loss of social identities. Discuss both points and give your opinion.

Both the reading and the lecture talk about sea otter. The former argues that pollution is the main reason for the fall of sea otter and provided three reasons but, the latter claim that predation is the main culprit and contradicts each of the points of the reading. First of all, the author of the passage claims that water sample shows the threatening of sea otter and this can make infectious and cause fatality. However, the speaker contends that dead sea water is not the fact of the death of those animals as if this was the cause then their body will remain in the sea. She added that sea otter was killed by some predators and that's why there was no carcass in the ocean. Secondly, the text asserts that reducing other mammals nevertheless the lecturer posit that human hunter is likely to be the reason for this change. Hunters hunting the whale. She again says that orcascours are the cause of that fall as it eats its prey. Finally,the article shows us someplace this drop is less, and in some place there is no decline. In contrast, the listening refutes this by including the body size of orcascours. This mammals have a huge body ratio and that's why it can not go to shallow and rocky points. Which is the main reason for the variation of abating sea otter in the sea.
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