Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : students should be allowed to bring their cellphones to school

Now we live in the technological era, the cellphone is also one of the advancement and gift of the sophisticated technology. Personally, I believe that students are taking their cellphones at school would be beneficial. I fell this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following passage. To begin with, nowadays the personal mobile is the essential thing for everyone because today's world is so busy to work here and there. So people need to give information about their personal as well as about their official work, where they are and what the situation of their milieu to their love one, friends and family in order to keep them calm and secure as their people are going to be okay. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Two years ago, my little sister was going to school but it was too far from our home. One day she was late to came in our apartment. At that time we all our family members were so afraid and thought that what did happen to her. Moreover, time was passed she did not come, so we decided to go a pollice report but instantly she came and we felt calm and stay at home. As a result, we pinpoint that student should need to carry their cell phones to institte, if she brought her phone, she took communicate us immediately and we understood the problem and stayed calm at home without fear. In addition, another reason to supports my opinion is the to carry students mere device helps them to keep vital record and take pictures of important lessons and which is going to help them to revise and enhance the understanding skill at home. For instance, Last months, my brother said to me about one lesson, he tried to understand at academic during lecture but did not , so I had given him one suggestion that carried his cell phone at school and took pictures to and records of the crucial lessons, eventually he did as I suggest and that could help him. As a result, he has been able to overcome his inability by frequent recording and revising at home that really beneficial to him to cope the situations. In my conclusion, I am of the opinion that, to carry cellphones at department can be necessary. This is because, in order to communicate with their friends, family and loved one. Also it is important to take note and picture of class lessons.
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