agree or disagree? Mother is important in life and education plays a crucial role.

I was a carefree kid with my parents around showering the love of the world. Suddenly, one day I lost my dad at the age of 9 and my life took a turn. Though being from a backward economic family, fortunately, my mother knew the importance of education. She emphasized and encouraged to let me study more. She also told me that “Education is Something that Can Never be Taken Away”, once learned it imbibe with you lifelong. She did various business to sustain the fee of my education, she sacrificed her life to see my life grow. And I always tried to learn and achieve high. In my 12th grade, I secured state 4rth rank. I felt thrilled and motivated when I saw the happiness in her eyes. I dreamed big to do something with technology. Physics and math always fascinated me. My dad died because of brain failure in an accident. Since then, I was curious on how the brain works and what can I do to help by using technology. I wanted to do something in the field combining knowledge on brain and technology. I used to read different articles on the web. I still remember the day in my undergraduate third year, a paper titled “Brain Tumour Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images” an IEEE publication just popped up in my search on an automatic depiction of lesions. Being curious to learn new things and explore the various areas of Computer Science, I started going through this paper. While I did not understand it much, the very idea of automated tumour segmentation ignited an interest in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. I approached a professor name from computer science department and talked to about my interest, which led to my first project on computer vision A fair and effective driver rating system for developed regions. I learned the basics and applied for internships and worked with Dr. Prithwijit Guha at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. As part of this project, I had worked on pedestrian tracking using mean shift tracking and background subtraction algorithms. During this intern, I came to know about the fresh challenges in CV. Having got a good idea on CV, I revisited the paper on Brain Tumour Segmentation, hoping to understand it completely. While I could comprehend the CV section of the article, I pondered at Deep Learning section. My penchant for mathematics and statistics motivated me to go through DL concepts in detail. Later in my final year, I took an online course on Deep Learning and learned about various architectures, neural networks and some basics of ML. As part of the course, I did a mini project under Prof. Ganapati Panda and applied various machine learning algorithms to develop expert systems and solve problems like system identification, inverse modelling, clustering, and classification.
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