Technology has made children less creative then they were in the past

Some people believe that children become more innovative by using technologies because technology has open a broader way of thinking. However, in my opinion, I don't agree with the view and I think that they lose their creativity by using technologies for the following three facts. First of all, nowadays a youth wastes more time on a computer rather than going outside for playing or other activities and it gives him an adverse effect as sometimes we can find our skills by going outsides the house. For example, a young and enthusiastic kid can find his talent in football and can learn more skills in the field but not in his room by playing some games on his laptop. By practicing regularly in the field from his childhood a child can acquire different tricks and moves of football sports. Technologies now made our life like a cell as we are always full of some devices like phones, tab, video-games, etc. Young generations are now more involved in technologies comparing to some senile persons. Fields now void in many big cities as there is no one to play here because everyone is busy with some devices. It has a negative effect on the young generation by making them a lake of skills in the real world which is outside of their computers. Secondly, the internet has now become widespread in all aspects of our life and children use it for various purposes including solving their homework rather than thinking manually with their brain. For case, almost every teenager in the developed country has access to the internet and by using it they find the solutions for their homework. It will definitely reduce their thinking ability and makes them less productive. School-level mathematics which can build a good basic in mathematics, children try to solve that math by using the internet without knowing the formulas. For pattern, a third grade student without learning some facts and concepts try to figure out some math problems online. It will reduce his ability to calculations. Finally, people especially who are young can learn several things from others but, the young generation now always remain in their room and don't like to go in the playground as their room is filled with electronics devices for entertaining purposes. For part, a youngster who is good at football can develop his capability in this sector on-field or can help his friends to learn some skills in the same game or a youngster who is good at a game can learn another game movement from his friends, Communication plays a vital role here but now children prefer electronic devices rather than playing in the fields. It will surely bring a communication gap between them. In conclusion, because of the above-stated reasons, I believe that children become less prolific now by using modern technologies and technologies can play a vital role for children to lose their ingenuity.
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