Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : students should be allowed to bring their cellphones to school

Bring students cell phones too school cause a lot of problems but they are some students who need to bring it with them hence is take students their phones with them to the class is good or not? And mention several reasons. It's without a shadow of doubt that using mobile during study is Distract attention for students because a lot of them play video games or use social media such as Facebook and Instagram and alternative things and that's makes them forget their lessons and not focus in it , but in another hand there is some students who bring their phones with them because they have too maybe his mom or his dad will be call him or he takes notes in it or take a picture for the lessons or record the lecture and when back to home he listen to it again but no one can deny that a lot of them using their phones just for play and not for benefit. Subsequently in my personal opinion I believe that using phones in school not good for students for the reasons I mentioned in prior paragraph.
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