Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People behave differently when they wear different clothes. Do you agree that different clothes influence the way people behave? Use specific examples to support your answer.

Clothes have a tremendous effect on everyone’s life. When we see a person, the first thing we notice is the clothes he is wearing, and accordingly, we create an opinion about him. When considering whether wearing different clothes make people behave differently, I believe that it does. Firstly, wearing different clothes makes people create an impression of themselves as being someone else. Most people like to follow the latest fashion trends by copying their idols to get a feeling that they are just like them. My best friend, Anna, is a perfect example. She is utterly obsessed with fashion. Last year, she bought an overpriced skirt, for the sole reason that it was the same as the one that her favorite singer had worn in the first world tour she had. Consequently, the skirt she wore affected her psychologically such that she thought she was skillful enough to sing even the most difficult songs of her idol even though her voice was so croaky. Based on this example, I can conclude that many people, just like Anna, act differently when they wear different clothes. Secondly, clothes tend to control people’s level of self-confidence. If they find themselves among people completely differently dressed, they might feel outcasted. As an example, recently in our company, we had a gathering with new onboarded members. We didn’t specify a dressing code because we thought everyone knew that since this was an office meeting, it was a formal business. But one of the workers had never worked anywhere before, so he supposed that the dressing code was casual. Therefore, he came dressed up in jeans, which in our company’s culture is not acceptable. When it was his turn to show the presentation he prepared, he completely forgot what he was about to say. I strongly believe that the way he looked that day lowered his self-esteem, and consequently, his performance. This experience taught me that people’s feelings and behaviors might change based on the clothes they are wearing. In sum, based on the above examples, I believe think that wearing different clothes has an immense impact on people's behavior.
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