Summarise the points made in the lecture,being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading passage is about United states employees working hours per week. However, the lecturer refutes the belief presented in the reading by stating that it won’t affect the company profits, economic conditions or lives of the employees. First and foremost, the author points out that the shortened work week would increase company profits. It is mentioned that employees would fell more rested and alert and they would make fewer errors in their work. This point is challenged by the lecturer. However, the lecture argues that four-day work week will influence the companies to spend more. Furthermore, the professor states that for adding new workers companies need to spend money for training and medical benefits. On the top of that, employees require more office space, and more computers this will affect company profits. In addition, the reading makes the argument that it would reduce the unemployment rates. The lecture challenges this argument. She suggests that hiring new workers is costly. She elaborates on this by mentioning that companies use other options like overtime. She states that the four-day employees to do the same amount of work as they use to do in five days. Therefore, no additional no extra jobs will be created, and current jobs become more unpleasant. Lastly, in contrast to the reading passage’s claim that four-day work week would be better for individual employees because more free time could improve the quality of lives. The lecturer, on the other hand, refutes this claim by pointing out that it will reduce the quality of life. It will decrease job stability and chances for advancement in career. Moreover, the professor put forth the idea that during economic downturn four-day employees the first to lose the jobs, and it will affect their promotions.
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