Your city is trying to construct a new building in order to attract more tourists. Which do you think would be the best tourist attraction? A historical museum A shopping mall An indoor amusement park Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The happiness of a country is measured by how much wealth that country is possessing. Taking about the attraction to the tourism sector, I would rather prefer building more of a historical museum than any other thing. And this is mainly because of several reasons which I will elucidate below. First of all, talking about human beings, it is more likely for them to be attracted by the kind of culture which is new to them. Besides their own rituals and cultures, talking about tourists, they are more of a kind of explorer who went to other country and then regarded as tourists or guests who are mostly interested in a new environment. They mostly want to explore new things and if there would be one of the historical museum then it would be better for the tourists to explore most of them in one place. For instance, let us take an example of internal tourists. They are the ones who love to travel to the places of their own country where they might have never been to. It's human nature that, when you travel to a place where you've never been to before, then you are likely to be attracted by the nature, culture,and rituals of that particular surrounding. Moreover, the tourism sector is mainly established to have a good amount of profit and economical growth for the country. And then tourists are always searching for the things to be explored which they have never seen before. So, if there would've been a building that includes each and every historical remnant, then the tourist would be spending quality of time exploring that particular area rather than roaming here and there. My personal experience is the best example of this. When I was in standard 9, I went to a historical place and also a museum called "Narayanhiti Palace" with some of my friends. I was stunned by the vintage kind of things over there. Different types of old and very profound sculpture were placed over there, and I was very happy to witness that archaic stuff in front of me. So, in conclusion, it is more likely for the tourists to be attracted by the historical museum, which they've not been to before and this is because most of the things out there are completely new to them which they might have not seen before.
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