Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Smartphones have caused more harm than good to our society.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Science and technology are improving day by day. Technologies always show us the way of how we make our life more comfortable and easy. Using technologies in proper way can work as the benefactor of mankind. Smartphone is one of the coolest inventions of science and it helps us to lead our life more easily. So, I disagree with the opinion that, the ratio of adverse effects of smartphone is high then its positive effects. First of all, in the modern world, we are totally reliant on advanced technologies. We can't think about our everyday life without using devices like smartphones. This device actually works like the gene of Aladin's lamp. The main reason for that is, it saves lots of our time and energy. we can perform different tasks on smartphones rapidly and easily. For example, if we need to find a specific meaning of a word we don't need to find it manual dictionary which takes long time to search the word and the process is tedious. Nowadays we can comfortably search for anything on smartphone and it takes only a second to find out the solutions. Moreover, multitasking options in smartphones can provide us the ample opportunities to come up with solutions more rapidly. For example, we can find the meaning of a specif word while searching when and where the word was first being used. Another point is that, smartphone torches us the wayfinding finding anything easily with the help of internet. For example , if we lost in a place using maps and GPS we can find and contact the nearest big point or even in our home comfortably by using this smart device. This magical device is now considered the storehouse of knowledge as all the books of all over the world can swiftly accessible by this smartphones. We don't need to carry lots of books on our tour simply, we can download all the necessary books on this smartphones and can read them whenever we want. Students are now using this methods for their educational purposes and are really comfortable with e-books rather than using physical books. Apart from the communication terms smartphones also provide us the opportunity of enjoying music, watching movies, playing games that actually entertain us and removes the monotonousness of our life. For example, if we get bored of study we can take a break and refresh us by playing games or listening to music on smartphones. Though some people would argue that, there are lots of negative effects smartphones, one might get addicted to it. Considering the beneficial pros of using this devices outweigh their arguments. In conclusion, the above point and examples show us that using smartphone really makes our life more convenient and simple and it has more positive effects on our life.
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