It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed.

Different people have various thoughts regarding an issue. While some believe that, working as a squad can bring success, others don't think this way. In my view, I agree with the previous one for the following facts. First thing first, working as a unit gives the opportunity to every member of that association to feel less pressure as the burden is equally divided by every participant of that organization. For example, if a lineup has three members then everyone has to perform some individual work but not all the members of that body have to perform the same function. Say, they are given to analyze the data of a big city, one can prepare and collect the data while another one can analyze the data,and finally, the team leader can make the last report and can present the data. In this segment, all those three people faceless struggle pressure considering with a team where all of this responsibility has to perform by an individual. Another point is, if anything goes wrong, the blame for this can also be distributed by each of the performers so that, no performer will consider himself as the main failure for doing the error. For instance, a group of students is producing some solvents in a lab. If they failed to produce it the blame is for everyone not for a single person. As they perform as a unit they will take the discredit of their error but if a single student is trying to make a solvent and failed then the whole fault is his. So, in a group it works as a benefactor for all the members as no specific person gets disappointed by that failure , everyone is equally responsible for that error. Last but not the least, unique ideas can pop up in a group rapidly considering this to individual people of the industry. This can boost up the performance of that team. For example, a project trial of some people can develop better ideas and solutions to problems easily if we compare this with the project work of an individual being. Another big point is, finishing chore in faction trial and speed and accuracy of the work also shows a marvelous fact considering this with an individual service. In conclusion, though some people think that, the individual trial can guide us doing the duty independently and give us the opportunity to perform assignment with own point of views, considering other pros of crowd endeavor definitely weighted out that.
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