Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they oppose specific points made in the reading passage

The reading states that, avocados are considered good for health and provide three reasons for its support. However, the speaker denies this and refutes each of the reading points. Firstly, the reading claim that, avocados lowering the blood pressure. The speaker opposes this view by saying, one avocado contains 29 kg fat and 300 calories which helps to gain weight and this can increase blood pressure. The reading aver that, avocados are helpful for pregnant women. The speaker denies this by providing the information that avocados reduce milk productions and can cause memory loss. In another point, the speaker emphasizes that avocados are dangerous for pregnant women as it is too sensitive for some children for their digestive system. Finally, the reading shows us that, we can save a lot of money by eating this avocados. Though it is a vegetable, it tastes the same as meat and seafood. The reading revised us that, avocados are less expensive than meat. In this consequence, the speaker again directly oppose this thought and says that avocados price is high considering other foods like apple and banana In his support, the speaker says that, gallons of water are needed to produce avocados and it required less water for meat production. Water is a natural resource and producing avocados can cause us to use more this natural resources. So, considering the above facts avocados are not cheap at all.
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