Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial supports. Use specific reasons and examples to supports your answers.

Students often go to colleges or universities for taking higher education as well as to enhance their skill and knowledge. Besides having good academics, students should need to be physically healthy and better social interactives adventure. Personally, I believe that it is favorable to gain equivalent amount of financial reinforce on sports and social deeds as in classes and libraries of the universities. I feel this way for a two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. Firstly, the sports is the mandatory things for the students not for going to be the part of the tournament, having purpose to win the match and getting medal. However, game is necessary for the students to keep physically healthy aslo mentally too. My personaly experience is the compelling example of this. Three years ago, when I was university student , at that time there were two group of people studing. One group of student often had spent their time studying and reading in contrast, another group had prefered both reading and playing game. As a result ,the group who did play and study get the better result in their academic moreover, they were mentally, physically healthy and active but another group did not perform very well in all the sector. Secondly, human are social crature, so they need to be keep contact and familiarise with the socity and its activities. Social works make students to develope the empathetic and altruist helping nature towards other people, they are definitely show the open and candid nature with in the group such kind of performance would be benevolent for upcomign future. For instance, one years ago I saw one boy lived near by my house who was so rude and cad person. But the current situation, of this pandemic of novel corona virus, he and his college's frieds were distributed lots of clothes and food for the needy person. Moreover, they took them to the hospital in case of their suffering. Firstly, I was amazed but later I knew the reasons why that kind of changed occur on them. That was all about their universities taught them through the weekend camp and many more other invelvement in the social activities. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that It is beneficial to the universities to give equal financial support to the sports and social activities as classes and libraries. This is because, it help student physically and mentally healthy also they learn how to help and respect other.
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