It is more important to use the land for human needs like farms, houses, and factories than for saving endangered animals

This is an enthralling topic and I somewhat agree with the statement. I reckon that use of land for covering human need is a double edge sword as human beings are not the only Earth inhabitants so we have to preserve the environment for other species, but saving endangered animals should not be the unique use for lands becuase people needs to survive. I would dare to say that land use should be based on sustainable development pillars and I feel this way for two main reasons. First of all, sustainable development is a concept based on social, environmental and economical aspects. This concept states that society development is possible only if those three aspects are taken into account. Land use is a way to notice a development of a sociey and this development way shold be consider human needs and environmental protection, especifically flora and fauna. For instance, our society needs for lands destinated to agriculture and other paramount economical activities in order to progress, but this requirement must not be dangerous for different animal species. Nowadays humans beings are threatening several species, namely whales, minks, sharks, elephants, among others, just for obtaining economical resources from their fur or other materials. This can be done in a better way throughout the sustainable development concept. Secondly, humans need to figure out other options for economical activities, and the development of the society have to be done by keeping in mind a perfect harmony among people and nature. I would exemplify this statement by referring most developed cities in the world namely, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Shangai even New York. These are cities that are building new factories and using the land for urban expansion, but at the same time they are allocating a big amount of resources for protecting and preserving the nature, the animals and plants , and particularly, endangered species. This kind of approach make people being more comfortable in new spaces and finally this lead up to better indicators of people welfare. In conclusion, this concept of sustainable development and the examples listed above make me strongly argue that land have to be used for both human requirements and economical development, and at the same time for nature preserving and protecting, without forgetting that human beings are not the only species on the Earth.
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