Nowadays, Food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reason and example to support your answer.

Food preparation evolves from past to present. There is lots of advancement in cooking method which make cooking easy and unique. Food preparation become at the level of comfort because of advancement in cooking method and availability of precooked food. Firstly, People are fond of taking fast cuisine i.e. burger, pizza and so on. There is availability of food restaurants and cafes where they can buy a food as they like. One of my friend used to buy a curry from the hotel and cook rice in home for dinner after work. This indicates how fast food makes life of individual easy and better in their busy schedule. Similarly, some prepared food are easy to prepare at little time. Thus, fast food are trending nowadays and people are utilizing this service on daily basis. On the other hand, there is arrival of new technology from which cooking become more fascinating. People are fond of being chef. People use microwave oven, rice cooker, gases, grinder and so on for cooking purpose. This instrument make cooking more flexible and less time consuming. In my home, cooking become trouble free because of rice cooker and gases availability. Otherwise, in ancient time people used to prepare food in firewood. Moreover, cooking method and cooking items are easily available. There is equipment for dough kneading, making ramen, chowmein stick, Mo Mo dumpling and so on. This instrument added interest in new generation for cooking. In conclusion, lifestyle changes from ancient to present generation including habit, culture and behavior that automatically affect and change the cooking method. Some method is good for health while other may not be. So, the changes are the never ending process and it implies in food preparation method as well.
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