Avocados are considered as one of the advantageous fruit for the human being. Give the reasonable argument on this.

The Reading and Lecture are both about the fruit called "Avocado" and their advantages and disadvantages. During the past years the significance of avocado has not been truly identified by the peoples, rather they only used the oil which has been produced through avocados. It's been only recently , the advantages of avocados have been identified. The author of the reading feels that avocados contain vital nutrients that can be used for the human body. The lecturer, however,challenges this by pointing out some of the counterpoints that are mentioned by author. Firstly, the author argues that avocados fruits contain so many nutrients that can be used for lowering the blood pressure of the human being . The specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. He claims that the fats that are contained in the avocados are just too much for the human to consume, which therefore results in increasing the overall body weight. Secondly, the writer suggests that this fruits can be regarded as benefits for pregnant women, as it helps in lowering the chances of miscarriage of the child and natural tube might not get defects. But this claim has been countered by the lecturer. He is of the point that, consuming too much of the avocados fruits would hinder the progress of the child during the pregnancy, as the fetus could not consume this fruit. Finally, the author posits that the taste of the avocados is similar to that of the meat and sea products which could be the replacement for the vegetarian one to consume,and also this is not so much expensive. But the lecturer challenges this points by mentioning that this fruit is so much costly that it could be as similar to buying a dozen bananas and apples. And also the maintenance of this fruits is too expensive.
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