Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Hard work and doing it smartly is the key to success in this today's world. As most of the successful persons can be taken as the paragon of hard effort. One's victory is always defined by how much he/she is devoted to the task which they are doing. I personally agree with the points that working as a squad would give better results than that of working alone. First of all, talking about the performance, if anybody is so much passionate about the effort that has been assigned to him then it most likely for him to get victory over that achievement . My personal experience is the best illustration of this. When I was in the 8th semester of my bachelor's degree, I got the thesis that has to be completed within 2 months of time. And two of my friends were given the undertaking to complete the project thesis. We were so much involved in those assignments that it took not more than 1 month for us to get triumph over that duty. This can be defined as a unit work and which therefore took us to the place where one couldn't imagine to be. Secondly, hard effort and passion can be defined by the inner tendency of the person to accomplish it. There has been a lot of success stories that can be taken as a case for unit performance. To be more specific let us take the example of "Mark Zuckerburg " the leading pioneer and the founder and C.E.O. of "Facebook". He couldn't have imagined the success of the prevailing social website throughout the world if there has not been club performance. He and some of his friends thought of starting some new communication technology within his school and started this project as his passion. There used to be a lot of difficulties that he used to face during the starting day of the project. Despite being troubled by the hindrance, he and his friends used to work overnight,and then the day came in his life where he could just imagine and get all of his ideal thought fulfilled. This is the best example of how one could get successes just by devoting his energy toward duty . Finally, it can be concluded that the duty and the progress of the endeavor toward the accomplishment is just a matter of time if there has been the unit task involved through that work.
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