Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

Both the lecture and the reading passage are discussing avocados. According to the reading, there are several advantages of consuming avocados. On the other hand, the lecture refutes the reading passage by stating that the points mentioned in the passage are not convincing. First, the passage argues that avocados help to lower the blood pressure by providing different nutrients that are good at lowering blood pressure, such as folic acid. However, the lecturer contradicts this claim by mentioning its level of fat content. Since one single avocado contains about 300 calories worth of fat, overly consuming avocados causes weight gain. This nullifies their benefits because they elicit higher blood pressure despite their concentration of other healthy minerals. Second, the reading passage asserts that avocados aid in a healthy pregnancy as they contain folic acid, which lowers the risk of miscarriage or neural tube defects. In contrast, the lecturer contends that avocados actually harm pregnant women. Avocados are known to decrease milk production and damage the mammary gland, negatively affecting pregnant and breastfeeding women. Also, babies are not capable of digesting avocados as they have sensitive stomachs. Lastly, the passage proposes that avocados help in saving money. Since avocados taste like meat, people can eat avocados that are relatively cheaper than meat and save money. However, the lecturer counters this statement by arguing that avocados are actually not cheap. The cost of a pound of apples or a dozen bananas is equal to a single avocado. Also, gallons of water are needed to grow avocados, which is a waste of natural resources. In conclusion, while both the reading passage and the lecture discuss avocados, the reading states three benefits of avocados while the lecture opposes each of them
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