Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The listening and the reading are both about the migration of Edmontosaurus, Which is a way that thsi dinosaur used to do to survive the cold arctic winter. The autor of the reading passage believes that there are three possible exlpanation proving this migration thoery. On the other hand, the lecturer challenges the author's statements. She is of the opinion that this thory is not pursuasive. First of all, the author suggets that the diet of this dinosaur supports the hypothesis. The artcle notes that the plants disapperas in that area during the frozen season, so undoubtly that the animals moved looking for other source of plants. Otherwisw, the professor challenged this statements. She supposes that thousands years ago, the climat in the arctic used to be way warmer with twenty four hours sunlights, so the food source of the edmontosaur was alwyas existed. Furthermore, she argues that there was an abundunt amount of vegetations. If the dinosaur did not have alive plants, it could have feed on the dead vegetation. Secondly, the writer contends that this animals used to live in herds according to the many fossiles found together. It is mentioned in the articl that living in this way assisted the herds to successfuly migrate through coordination. The professor, however, rebuts this by asserting that living in a herd does not mean the ability of magrating. She elaborates on this by saying that animals live in groups to have extra protection from predators. Finally, the author of the passage states that edmontosaurs were physically eligible to travel long distance. The author establishes that they could run fast with their locomotive ability they could move in distance. The author posits that not all the animals in this speicy had such powerful advantage. she declaed one of the animals used to move in a slow way, so it is unbelievable that the rest of the herd would left this kind behind
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