Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they challenge the specific points made in the reading passage.

The passage and the lecture are both about elephant's behaviors. The author of the reading feels that elephants are fascinating to humans, for several surprising behaviors of elephants. The lecturer, however, believes that the behaviors that the author mentions are misunderstood. To begin with, the author believes that elephants can sense that when they get old and weak, it means they are going to die soon. The article states that older elephants leave thier herds in order to die alone in thier graveyards which is mostly places close to water. The lecturer challenges this arguement by stating that elephants who leave thier herds are mostly those old elephants with chewing difficulties. He adds that these elephants usaully stay close to water and eventually die there becuase there is softer vegetation there. Secondly, the writer claims that elephants have painting abilities. It is mentioned in the article that some elephants are able to draw recoginizable objects which makes them distinct from other animles. The lecturer rebuts the author's claims by bringing up the point that elephants are able to paint becuase thier ears are very sensitive. He claims that if someone strok the elephant's ear they can draw certain patterens. Finally, the author mentions that elephants are afriad of mice and small animles. To challenge this claim the lecturer says that the elephants fear of mice is just a reaction to n unfamiliar spieces. He adds that elephants of the zoo don't react to mices becuase they already have seen lots of them in thier environment.
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