Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they challenge the specific points made in the reading passage.

The passage and the lecture are both about the consequences of imposing high taxes on cigarettes and unhealthy foods. The author of the passage feels that it has several benefits for society. The lecturer challenges the author's claims. He is of the opinion that charging high taxes on unhealthy behaviors doesn't nessecary benefit society. To begin with, the writer states that high amount of taxes on cigarettes and other unhealthy products will decrease the consumption of those products. The lecturer, however, believes that high taxes on cigarettes and unhealthy foods encourage people to buy cheaper products that are low in quality which will cuase even more health problems. He adds that as a result of paying a lot of extra taxes on unhealthy foods which people mostly prefer; they will have less money to spend on healthy foods. Secondly, the author argues that taxing people who consume unhealthy products is fair to those who are not. The article mentions that unhealthy behaviors generate medical costs. These costs are covered by both groups of people, so it would be fair if people with unhealthy behavior pay high taxes in order to cover thier own medical costs. The lecturer challenges this claim by mentioning that people with different level of incomes have to pay the same amount of tax for unhealthy products, which is unfair and creates a burden on the shoulders of low income consumers. Finally, the author brings up the point that the high amount of taxes will create revenue for the government. The article points out that this new source of income will help the government to spend more money on increasing the quality of public services. In contrast, the lecturer states that increasing revenue from collecting extra taxes has its downsides too. He says that becuase government get used to this money its hard to lose it, as a result they may ease some of their radical measures toward usage of unhealthy products.
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