Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific points made in the reading passage.

The passage and the lecture are both about increasing salinity of Salton sea in California which is perilous for lake's health. The author of reading says that there are several ways of preventing the lake from getting even more salty. The lecturer challenges the claims made by the author. He believes that the author's solutions are not practical. To begin with, the writer of the passage states that one way to reduce salt level of the lake is possible through direct desalination with special facilities. The author mentions that if we heat the water until it evaporates and turn into steam, it will left behind salt and other dissolved materials. The lecturer challenges the author's claim by mentioning that this desolved water will contian lots of other chemicals and toxics which is dangerous if people breath it. Secondly, the author claims that lake's water salt level can be decreased by adding more water to it. According to the passage Pacific Ocean is less saltier than the lake's water, and it can be transfered through piplines to the lake in order to dilute salt level.The lecturer, however, belives that constructive cost of pipelines would be so high. He adds that its not possible and affordable for local government to pay for the expensive cost of constructions. Finally, the writer claims that building walls in order to control and reduce salinity of only one main section of the lake. The author also says that other smaller parts of the lake are allowed to be salty. In contrast, the lecturer claims that dividing lake into sections can prevent the lake from getting saltier just for a short time. He adds that in long terms external factors such as a strong earthquake will destroy the wall and mix back the salty and unsalty water.
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