Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific methods proposed in the reading passage.

The reading and the lecture are both about a type of aircraft named airship. The author of the reading feels that airships have several advantages over airplanes and helicopters, and could be widely used in future. The lecturer challenges the claims made by the author. He believes that these explanations are faulty. First of all, the author mentions that airships use less fuel than airplanes and helicopters. The article mentions that airships use thier engines only for the porpuse of horizental movement as a result they consume less feul. This specific argument is challenged by lecturer. He mentions that airships use less feul beacuse they use lighter gasses such as Hydrogyn and Helium for lifting. The lecturer adds that both of these lifting gases are not safe to use, as Hydrogyn catches on fire very easily and Helium is very expensive. Secondly, the writer mentions that airships are able to ascend and descend vertically, which gives them the advantage of accessing hard-to-reach locations. According to the passage , the only other aircraft who lifts vertically, is helicopter which compared to airships can carry only a small amount of logs. The lecturer, however, disagree with this claim by mentioning that eventhough airships can lift up and come down verticly and reach inaccessible areas, it is hard to keep the airship steady in order to load or unload it. He elaborate on this by bringing up the point that a wind can easily blow the airship away and cuase many damages. Finally, the author claims that airships are able to be used instead of satellites. The passage states that airships can serve the same purpose as satellites at a cheaper cost, for it can stay above the surface for a long time without refueling. In contrast, the lecturer believes that airships are not ready to replace the satellites becuase there are a lot of strong winds on the surface and airships can not stay in one place in thier existance. He also mentions that airships need to be refeul constantly, so they can not be a good option to replace satellites.
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