Summarise the points made in the lecture,being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading and the lecture are both about Amtrak train services which belong to the United States government. The author of the reading feels that the government should sell Amtrak to private sector for three main reasons. The lecturer challenges the claims made by author. she is of the oponion that the government should keep ownership of Amtrak. To begin with, the author argues that the government waste a lot of money in its effort to serve the citizens who live in remote areas. The article mentions that the number of passengers that use Amtrak in remote areas can not cover the amount of money that government spends in running it. The lecterur, however, rejects it by mentioning that the main purpose of Amtrak is not to gain profit, but is to provide services for all citizens regardless of where they live. She claims that its every citizens rights to benefit from this services equaly. Secondly, the writer suggests that government's support of Amtrak is not fair to private transportation copmanies. In the article it is said that Amtrak can sell cheaper tickets beacuse it is supported by government, which makes it difficult for other transportation companies specially airlines to compete with it. The lecterur challenges this idea by arguing that airlines and other transportaion copmanies chould'nt exist if it wasn't for governments support. she claims that government supports airline industry by pying the rent of airtraffic buildings, training staff and etc. Finally, the author posits that, government should pay more attention and support more popular and important transport systems. the article mentions that government should spend money inimproving highway system becuase private cars are widely used for intercity travels. In contrast the lecturer positionis that, Amtrak is less popular becuase the trains are outdated. she notes that, if government spend money on improving the services as JAPAN and Europe did, people whould prefer to travel by train becuase it is affordable and fast.
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