Which of the following activities do you think will be the most beneficial to the environment? (1) Commute by biking or walking (2) Recycling (3) Eating a vegan diet

that I will explain in this essay. First, the use of the plastic it is fundamental part of the people's life. We use plastic for a lot of activities like drink water, bags for groceries, boxes to storage all made from plastic and it is important that we can have a lot of education about how recycling these materials in order to preserve the ecosystem. As we know, the humans are creating a lot of contamination in beaches , cities , forests and a lot of species now are extinct. So, it is really necessary to recycle to avoid damage to the ecosystem. Second, recycling is an activity that brings a lot of benefits to the inhabitants. For example by doing recycling we are helping the birds because they can eat plastic by mistake and they can die as consequence of the plastic ingests. Also, by recycling we are helping to reduce the release of gases to the atmosphere. In addition to this the gas methane that is toxic in high quantities will be reduce if we decide to recycle plastic, studies revealed that methane is fifty percent more toxic that carbon monoxide and it affects the lungs of all humans resulting in lung cancer. Finally, if all the community is part of the recycling activity we can help a lot to reduce the residuals and people that works close with the process will work fast because if everything is separate in recycling containers they can make their work easy and take precedence over some materials less toxic to put them first on the line of recycle. In conclusion, all the activities that people can realize for take care the environment are important because with the increment of economy and technology the humanity has more chance to create things to make the life more easy like using plastic but is necessary that we implement laws in the whole work for recycling if we want to leave a healthy place for our next generations
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