Grades encourage students to work harder at school. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinio

It is critically important for students to thrive in their studying and acheive high grades as much as they can. Parents play a huge role in motivating their children to pursue this goal. In this aspect, many people think that parents should use awards to encourage their children, while others think encouraging woeds could be more than enough. I am in the opinion of not mankig children get used to the idea of " money for success". I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, learning is not about scoring good grades, but about gaining knowledge. Parents should teach their children the importance of education by making them excited about the idea of learning and not the idea of getting prizes for what they learnt. If studets keep working hard for their classes in order to receive money, they will lose much more joyable features that come with learning, and they will not be working that hard if there will not be prizes reciprocating their good jobs. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. When I was in primary school, Some of my peers and I were assigned a small project. It was to ctreat a minor building model of our school. All of us worked hard except for one girl. She said that this project would not be graded, so there would be no reason to put effort in establishing it. I asked her about all the fun she was messing from working in a team, coloring, and learning. She said that her mother would not give her any present for this, so it was not worthing the work. I realized that her only motivation was her mother's gifts and not the essential meaning of working with her friends. From this experience, I strongly beleive that young peopel should understand remarkable values besides money. Furthermore, Young people are not always aware of the meaning of money. Some children will simply appreciate getting a toy they wanted or a video game they were waiting for, more than getting only few dollars. For instance, A few months ago. My little brother got the highest grade in math among his class, he was so thrilled and excited to receive his gift. However, My father gave him 50 dollars as a reward. Instead of being delightful, he got a little upset. Because he was waiting to get the last edition of a soccer video game. If he got this present, he would have been happier than ever. In conclusion, I firmly beleive that Parents should consider other ways to say "good job" to their kids for making acheivements. This is because children should know the real importance behind schooling, and sometimes young people are not actually interseted in money. To begin with, Young people perceive teachers as their second parents, which can affect the students by how they expect those second fathers and mothers are going to treat them. To be more specific, a child will not recognize the teacher's information on a topic, while he is undoubtedly going to identify how the teacher is talking to him. So if students are experiencing good relationships with the people they are learning from, they will be more comfortable. As a result, they will understand better. My example is a compelling illustration of this. When I was in primary school, My teacher was so friendly. She used to smile all the time, and she was kind and calm to all my peers and me. She was so amazing that I felt she was my second parent. I remember that every schoolday looked like a picnic day for me. Thus, I paid attention to every word she said during class and succeed in all exams with high grades. If she were not that remarkably good person to me, I would not have made such a success at that time. Furthermore, Teachers who build friendships with students Will have a better reputation in their schools. Consequently, they will get promotions or receive extra payments. when an educator tries his best to make learners happy in his presence, they will positively talk about him. They will write good evaluations of him. These will reflect on his salary and fulfill the feeling of appreciation. In a contagious way, if a schoolteacher follows this teaching style and sees results, many more teachers will follow his path. For instance, My older sister works as a schoolteacher. In her first job, she realized that the school's style was to be strict, teaching materials, and then going home. However, She condemned this and decided to follow her fashion of schooling. She established a fantastic relationship with her students. At the end of that academic year, She was chosen as the best instructor in the school and got the best evaluation by all the students she taught. From this example, I firmly think that good communication with students can motivate teachers for better behavior. In conclusion, I firmly believe that educators' primary goal should be constructing effective communications with learners. I feel this because it will encourage students to learn more, and it will reciprocate the teachers.
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