do you agree or disagree , cars will not be used several years from now

Our lives' quality can certainly be affected by the number of cars moving in the streets, even if we do not see these effects with our bare eyes. I believe that vehicles will be fewer in use a few years from now. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First, there is an uprising awareness of the harmful effects of cars on the environment, which happened because of the uncontrollable pollution we are having nowadays. Cars, one of many reasons, play an enormous role in the increased of polluted air. We see this in crowded cities. Even the sky in these cities is dull and pale all of the day time. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this state. A few years ago, I moved to China for an internship in an architectural firm. Although the sites there were lovely and the buildings were modern, the streets were crowded with cars and the pollution was over the limits. The sky was grey. Even I forgot the real color of the sky. Regardless, I could not live there for too long. As soon as the internship came to an end, I returned home because I could not endure living there. If I had not moved out of China, I would undoubtedly have depression now. Furthermore, Cars are not as useful as before, which means many people are not using them anymore. If cars now fail to make people reach their jobs and dates on the ate, they are stuck in traffic jams. The people will replace the private ways of transportation with the public one. For instance, A few months ago, I started a new job downtown while I lived in a suburban city, so I bought a new car to reach my job on the ate. However, after two weeks, I realized that traffic jams are delaying me from being on time for my work, so I started using the tram, and it was a big help to me. In addition, many of my colleagues at my workplace had the same experience even they sold their cars for the lack of their uses. Based on this example, I strongly feel the private vehicles will be reduced in the near future. In conclusion, I firmly believe that Cars will not have the same values as they do today. This is because of all the harm they cause to the environment and other ways to transport easily and quickly.
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