Do you agree or disagree? professor appearances on television is a good thing

The reading and the lecture are both about professors who make television appearances. The author of the reading believes that these appearances are beneficial to the professor, university and the general public. The lecturer casts doubt on the claims made in the article. She thinks that these appearances are not a good thing. First of all, The author points out that professors benefit from making television appearances as they establish themselves as authorities in their academic field, and also reach a wider audience. It is mentioned that instead of publishing his views in an academic journal and reach only a few scholars, it is better if the professor shares his knowledge with a wide audience, as it will increase his importance too. This point is challenged by the lecturer. She says that making television appearances is not good for a professor from a professional point of view, as the fellow professors will think of him as an entertainer rather than a serious scholar. Furthermore, she argues he might not be invited for some import academic discussion and might not receive funds to do his research. Secondly, the author contends that universities benefit from such television appearances as they receive positive publicity, as people start thinking highly of such universities. The article notes that this leads to more donations towards the university and more application from potential students. The lecturer rebuts the claims made in the argument. She suggests that such appearances waste a professor's time as he has to take care of the presentation and rehearsals. She elaborates on this by mentioning that the time wasted on appearances can be used on researching and also doing the university business. Finally, the author states that public gains a lot of knowledge when a professor appears on the television as they get a chance to learn from experts. The article establishes that public gets a deep insight on the subject as it is spoken about by experts, and they provoke thoughts rather than being superficial like other shows on television. The lecturer,on the other hand, posits that television only calls professor to use the academic title rather than the intellectual substance in it, as they want to show something interesting rather than serious. Thus the material presented by the professors is not much different from the television reporters who have done some extra research.
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