Students are more influence by their teachers than their friends.

Nowadays, education becomes integral to everyone's life. Owing to get knowledge, students spend much of their time with teachers. Hence, no can deny the fact that teachers play an indispensable role in students' life to shape their future. I firmly believe that children are more affected by teachers' behavior. Here, I will develop my reasons in the subsequent paragraph. To begin with, the children start their studies from an early age and go to school every day. Thereby, they more interact with faculty for solving their doubts, taking guidelines or learning lessons . As a result, students highly affected by the behavior of professors. For instance, when I was in school, I liked my mathematics professor because he had a profound knowledge of a particular subject. Also, he was very disciplined and used to apply the funniest methods to inculcate us. Hence, every student wants to become as though him. This clearly depicts that when you give more time to some people , you will tend to imitate their actions, behavior, and good qualities. Secondly, a teacher plays a vital role in everyone's life because they do not educate only for enhancing their career growth but also they provide life long lessons on how to get rid of difficult situations. As per Indian history, some decades ago, children had to go to “Gurukul(Kind of school)” to learn skills like how to use weapons during wartime. For example, we all aware of a famous war “MAHABHARAT” , which was fought in India. In that, a teacher name Dronacharya , gave training to every warrior to succeed. But nowadays in the modern era, due to the advent of technology, students can take online classes from anywhere. This indicates that students can take help to solve their problems. However, some people believe that friends can affect more the young adult mind. In the era of the21st century, students get entice with the social media platform whereby they able to make more friends. Therefore, they can capable of share their thought, beliefs, interests, happy or bad moments with others. Consequently, students can take the help of any friend across the globe which affects them emotionally. Nevertheless, despite these advantages, I still believe that a teacher can affect more positively to change a person’s life. To sum up, it can be said that a teacher can influence more on a young mind because students consider teachers as their ideal in life, even sometimes they obey every suggestion of their professor. It eventually leads them in the right direction to thrive efficiently.
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