It is more important to keep your old friend than new friend.

Everyone needs friends whatever they might be old or new one. The frieend who is from your childhood as well as who just became new both have significant in our life. However, personally, I believe old friends plays a vital role in our life. I feel this way for a couple of reasons. which I will elaborate in the following essay. First of all, Sometimes we get adverse situation mentally as well as physically at that time we could ask help with old friends without any hesistant rather than new one. Because our old companion know all about it and they knew our all weakness and strongness. We feel secure while we are taking some assistance from old friend. We might think it is more convinent and trust them they might not reveals our weakness infront of other people. However, even if we ask some help from new friend and we take about our weakness, we may feel unscure due to cautioness. I have a compelling example of this from my real life experience. When I was a university student and I just started part time office at that time I became intimate friend with one of the staff of the office. Unfortunatly, I drunk lots of wine on one of my friend party and I ride my bike and got accident at that time I called one of the oldest friend from my adulthood because of convenience and secure my fault, and he came and helped me after that know one kew my mistake in my family as well as office staff. Even if I called new one friend from my office he might be revealed my fault infront of other staff and I may have feel ashmed. This example illustrates the convenient of the old friend. Secondly, We might share everything about our personal experience with old friend it makes mentally stressless. The friend from our early age are more reliable and we can trust them because we had play together, we studied together, we ate together. Everything is faimalar with them and we could tell them every aspect of our life due to fidelity. For instance, I have a old friend, when I get some problem I call him and share my stress as well as the process of ameliorate. Furthermore, he also does same thing like when he feels frustrate at that time he ask with me about possible solution. Although we have many other new friend, we could not share everything as old friend. In Conclusion, old friends are more effective and crucial in our life. Because we can share our emotion as well as we can easily ask some help without any hesitant than new one.
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