Which of the following values do you think is most important to teach a young child? - Being honest - Being helpful - Being patient

If you want to determine will the country be developed, then look at the young generation - you will get the answer for this question. Nowadays many people realize the importance of good teaching children about character education. I consider that every child must be patient for several reasons that I will provide in subsequent paragraphs. First of all, our life is very challenging. Every day we must solve some problems, have difficulties and the desire to overcome them. For instance, growing up without parents was not easy life, but it was my mother's life. Therefore, this significant person teach me and my siblings to be patient when we want to get something, win contest because you must work hard and put effords in order to get something. Second of all, patience will lead you to the peak of iceberg. Every time when I read stories of successful people I get motivation and inspiration to move forward. Mother of famous Tomas Edison needed so many patient during the way how she worked with her son. She had two options : give up everything and let things go in its own way or put effords and be patient. We know that she choosed the second one. This complicated way of growing Tomas as person and a professional needed the most important value - being patient. Third of all, patience makes you live your life with passion. Stewen Hawking has a disaster that limit his movement skills: walking, eating, writing. But he had a great passion to discover the equation that will explain everything in the world. It was very hard to keep working and knew that you left two months after which you will die. Only patience and passion help this extraordinary person live his life with full heart. To sum up, only being patient you can handle everything in this life. This quality will help parents to grow up a young child in the most right way.
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